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You recently purchased a brand-new truck, and you can't wait to start customizing it with off-road aftermarket bumpers, lift kit, wheels and other off-road upgrades.

What about the warranty on your vehicle?

Just installing custom bumpers could void the manufacturer's or dealer warranty, it all depends on what modifications you make to the vehicle. 

As a result, many off-road truck or Jeep owners falsely believe that installing any aftermarket parts will void the warranty. As a result, they refrain from making any desired alterations, even though in reality, many customizations won't have an impact on your warranty.

You simply need to be aware of the specifics of what your warranty forbids and what is regarded as legal when it comes to adding bumpers and lift kits to your off-road vehicle.

Don't Forget to Read the Fine Print

First and foremost, the warranty itself contains all the information you require regarding what it covers and what voids it.

Spend some time carefully reading your warranty to determine whether there are any modifications to your truck that are not permitted while it is covered by the guarantee.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 

Learn about the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which prohibits manufacturers from employing dishonest warranty practices.

Warranties must be simple to read, comprehensive, and include any information that can have an impact on the guarantee, including what is and isn't covered.

It's also possible for a warranty to exclude clauses stipulating who should perform routine maintenance on a car or that only genuine OEM parts be used.

In other words, the Act safeguards both your right to have a private mechanic work on your truck and your freedom to add non-original components to your truck or Jeep, such as aftermarket bumpers and lift kits.

Only when the repairs and the parts themselves are protected by the guarantee may a warrantor demand the use of certain name brand components.

Know What Customization Means 

When you wish to modify your truck's performance or appearance, warranties can get a bit complex and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act may be applicable.

The Act safeguards your right to have your car modified by the shop of your choice and to install whatever aftermarket components you like.

To a certain extent, installing custom bumpers or a suspension lift will not void your warranty.


Basically, even if you modify your truck to make it look amazing and perform better in 4WD, as long as the issue has nothing to do with the modifications you made from the factory installation, your truck is still covered by warranty for any potential issues.

For instance, if you had a shop install a suspension lift, your clutch would still be covered by the guarantee.

If it is discovered that the changes you made in some way contributed to the issue you are currently experiencing and need to fix, it could be reversed. 

In the same scenario, your clutch warranty can be voided if the suspension lift performed something that put too much strain on it or if the installation wasn't done correctly and the clutch goes bad. 

The same holds true for any other custom part you might install for looks or even off-roading purposes.

Should I get a lift kit on my Off-Road Vehicle?

In general, as long as the work is completed by a respectable shop using high-quality parts, you should be able to customize your truck with lift kits and just about anything else you desire.

Make sure you perform all necessary maintenance at the appropriate intervals and retain all relevant records in order to further protect yourself.

Don't deliberately install anything onto your vehicle that could damage it. That being said. Having a well-know shop like Underdog Motorsports install your lift kits and customized bumpers should be fine for your off-road or show vehicle. 

Confirm that your modifications your looking for are covered by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act by speaking with professionals at our shop.

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